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Logos developed by the agency

ferreira rodrigues salão e estética

For this Customer in particular, we created the brand based on its service portfolio. We chose black for its meaning of elegance, dignity, luxury and sophistication. The red color, stimulates the nervous system, blood circulation, gives energy to the body and raises self-esteem. To the characters in the brand, we highlight the unisexuality of customer service. We also chose the brand name and fonts.

planeta melina

For this Client, we created the brand based on the real inspiration of his daughter Melina. This is a remarkable child, smart and who loves the planets! We chose black in this palette to signify the immensity of the universe, stars complete the scene. The purple (or purple) color is linked to the mystical world and means spirituality, magic and mystery. Blue, Blue color means tranquility, serenity and harmony. We still have in this beautiful logo, the satellites of the planet and a wonderful source, which only Melina Planet has!

cutelaria pureza

The client is starting his business and the Agency has been entrusted to create an identity that values ​​his manual and ancient craft. They are cutlery products, therefore, swords, daggers, knifes, machetes, axes, daggers, razors that is, all metal cutting and / or drilling tools. For this Client, we created the brand based on his Cutlery business. The black color in this case symbolizing the metals as well as the Swords their craft. The initials CP as his art and his surname. We also gave a medieval touch to the fountains, given the origin of blacksmiths in the kingdoms very far away… lol.

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